Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The South African Way to Get Rid of a Pesty Monkey:

Yes, monkeys are cute but here are a few tricks to "monkey around" when they're bothering you...

1.      1. Apparently, monkeys are terrified of snakes, so during a hike, best to carry a rubber snake with you.  The monkey will freeze, “relieve” himself, and run away.
2.        2. Lay out pumpkins in front of your house with a small-sized hole carved out.  The monkey will stick their hand inside the pumpkin to grab the seeds, but once in a fist, won’t be able to pull it out again.  Unable to understand that it must let go of the seeds before they can get their hand out, they will walk around with their hand stuck in the pumpkin. Aha!
3.       3. If all else fails, you can paint the monkey white.  It will run back to its group of monkeys, who will be frightened that a white monkey is running towards them, and start running as well.  The white monkey will think they are running away from something and continue following the others, when in fact, they are running away from him.  This will chase all the monkeys far, far away from your house!

Remember, when you feed a monkey it expects food from humans, stops providing for himself and becomes aggressive to humans…for food!
Monkey Love
Em and Will


  1. Not so easy to paint a monkey white.... :S

  2. I know: put the paint on the pumpkin -the one with the seeds inside:while the monkey is jumping about trying to shake off the pumpkin, it will cover itself with paint!

  3. come on guys ..get serious about getting rid of monkeys without killing em...I like the chilli spray....and to paint one white ...close the window it came thro once he's in....throw a net over him...then out with the spray can...and dont leave a buffet of fruit on the on..